Equipment manufacturers in the industrial field are looking for top-quality products that, once machined, will perfectly meet their standards. As the performance of cast iron castings will reflect on the efficiency and productivity of operations, it is crucial that equipment components be of the utmost quality.


  • Pulley
  • Gear
  • Valve
  • Bearing
  • Chain links
  • Hook
  • Housing
  • Cover

Realisations Industrial

Industrial housing

Gray iron housing, 16 lb

Industrial housing

Gray iron housing, 42 lb

Gray iron gearbox and cover, 290 lb and 155 lb

Industrial gear

Gray iron gear, 480 lb

Industrial swivel base

Ductile iron swivel base, 2.5 lb

Industrial swivel pad

Ductile iron swivel pad, 5 lb

Industrial pulp and paper

Gray iron roll top, 32 lb

Industrial roll

Industrial roll