In order to deliver neatly finished products, each of our castings must undergo finishing operations. Based on each client’s requirements, the finishing process can consist of different methods.

Finishing is a manifold process. While shot blast and deburring are essential steps that are performed consistently, painting, machining or different types of chemical treatment may be necessary in some cases.

Shot blast

After the casting has been lifted out of the mold, it is transferred to a shot blasting machine, where steel shots are applied at very high speed, removing all green sand deposits.


Deburring removes any irregularities from the parts to achieve a desired finish. These irregularities can be caused by the removal of the gating and risering systems, which must be cut off once the casting has been lifted from the mold, or by molten metal seeping out along the parting line of the mold or core.

Special methods

In some cases, it is necessary to paint, machine or heat treat castings. Laroche Foundry can take care of these processes for you. Contact us to know more.