About us

Laroche Foundry is a Canadian family-owned business based in Quebec. We specialize in gray and ductile iron casting and patternmaking. We excel as a custom part manufacturer for a myriad of industries and applications including municipal infrastructure. Our castings have proven their worth everywhere in Quebec, as well as in Ontario, the Maritimes and the United States. The 4th generation business stands out from the crowd wit its extensive array of manufacturing equipment, allowing to cast parts from 0.5 lbs to 3 000 lbs and deliver lots ranging from one to several thousands parts. The moldign method can be on automatic, semi-automatic or manual machine.

Why choose us?



Our ISO 9001 certification is testimony of our commitment to delivering superior quality products. Being able to be recycled to infinity, the iron we manufacture has an incomparable durability and a solidity.


Being a family-owned business, we take your experience to heart and ensure that you receive outstanding customer service, a cornerstone of our reputation.


Every member of our qualified team possesses the necessary knowledge to carry your projects to completion and deliver products that are designed to your specifications. Cast iron foundry is a complex, multi-step process. Employees must be able to guarantee optimum quality at every step of the production.