Detectable warning plates

Thanks to their distinctive texture, detectable warning plates are used to alert visually impaired pedestrians of approaching danger to ensure their safety (e.g. on street corners). Designed with Canada’s difficult climate in mind, Laroche Foundry’s detectable warning plates are made to be resistant. They are manufactured to ADAAG (American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines) standards and are delivered unpainted to improve visual contrast with surrounding elements.

Additionally, to help facilitate the drawing and installation process, our tactile surfaces are designed in the metric system.


  • Unpainted gray cast iron, ASTM A48 CL30
  • Plate thickness (excluding domes): 10 mm
  • Dome thickness: 5 mm
  • Dome diametre: 23 mm at base, 14 mm at top
  • Distance between domes: 50 mm c/c
  • Four-point anchoring system for use in fresh cement
  • Surfaces can be bolted to one another
  • Standard natural finish (no painting)
  • Metric dimensions
  • Certificate of compliance available
  • Manufactured in Quebec


  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Radius

Realisations Detectable warning plates

Detectable warning plate

Square plate - Pointe-aux-Lièvres (Qc)

Detectable warning plate installation

Detectable warning plate - Brossard (Qc)

Detectable warning plate

Square plate - Pointe-aux-lièvres (Qc)

Detectable warning plate - Victoriaville (Qc)
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